Remember, 4 passengers ride for the price of one. Driver carries only $5.00 in change. Credit cards are welcomed, but with a $10.00 minimum charge. Please notify the driver at the start of the trip if you plan on using a credit ca


Our taxi cab rates are always posted in our vehicles. Rates are set by city or county regulation. As of this posting, our current rates are as follows:

Rates Service
$2.65 Initial Flag-drop, includes first 1/7 mile, or 47.5 seconds or fraction thereof
$0.35 Each additional 1/7th mile or part ($2.45 per mile)
$0.35 Each 47.5 seconds waiting time and/or traffic delay ($26.53 / hour wait)
$60.00 Flat rate per trip (group) for trips between from East Los Angeles to LAX (ONLY)
$60.00 Flat rate per trip (group) for trips between from East Los Angeles to Disneyland (ONLY)
$99.00 Flat rate per trip (group) for trips between from East Los Angeles to Six Flags (ONLY)


Waiting Time: 36 cents per minute

Hourly Rate: $23.85 per hour (nine miles included)

Express Taxi Inc.
TAXI EXPRESS INC. 2607 W Beverly Blvd Montebello, CA Open 24 hours.



montebello taxi service

When you have a flight to catch, going from MONTEBELLO Golden State We'll choose you up, facilitate along with your baggage, drop you right at the terminal, and prevent the prices of parking and also the inconvenience of a shared shuttle service. after you come back to to President of the United States National, decision North American country and we'll meet you outside. categorical TAXI opposition. is found at Montebello Califoronia therefore can ne'er get a pleasant, better, quicker cab that categorical taxi montebello.


monterey park taxis

EXPRESS TAXI MONTEREY PARK is that the most suitable option for fast and reliable transportation within the Monterey park Calif. and close LA County! we've got over twenty five vehicles everywhere the Monterey Park Calif. space and with our processed dispatch system we are able to offer the fast response 24/7 you would like to urge you on your approach. we've got over five years expertise within the LA County space.


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